Friday, October 12, 2018

A new book group just for True Crime fans!

Are you hooked on Forensic Files?

Do you love true crime podcasts such as My Favorite Murder and True Crime Garage? 

Does your sister think it's weird that you only watch documentaries about murder? 

Then True Crime Library is the group for you. 

True Crime Library is a new book group at the Palmer Branch! 

We meet at the Palmer Branch on the third Thursday every other month at 6:00pm. For each meeting we select a case and participants can read any book on the case. At the meeting, we'll discuss different perspectives of the case based on our readings.

Upcoming meetings are as follows:
May 16 - Children of Serial Killers
June 20 - Amanda Knox
July 18  - JonBenet Ramsey
August 15 - "Life After Death" (Body Farms, Medical Examiners, etc.)
September 19 - Scott Peterson

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Questions about True Crime Library? Contact Katie Cardell at or at 610-258-7492.

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