Friday, October 12, 2018

A new book group just for True Crime fans!

Are you hooked on Forensic Files?

Do you love true crime podcasts such as My Favorite Murder and True Crime Garage? 

Does your sister think it's weird that you only watch documentaries about murder? 

Then True Crime Library is the group for you. 

True Crime Library is a new book group at the Palmer Branch! 

For our October meeting, we're reading
The Blooding
by Joseph Wambaugh. 

The Blooding recounts the first time DNA fingerprinting was used to solve a case. After several dead ends, authorities used this newly developed technique in a very unique way to solve the brutal rapes and murders of two young girls from Narborough Village in England.

Join us Oct. 18 @ 6pm at the Palmer Branch!
Never read the book? No problem! Join us anyway to discuss the case with fellow true crime lovers!  

For our December 6th (rescheduled from November 15th) meeting, we're asking participants to share the case that first interested them in the true crime genre. If you know of any books, documentaries, movies, podcasts, etc. that feature the case, feel free to share them with the group! 

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Questions about True Crime Library? Contact Katie Cardell at or at 610-258-7492.