Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4 - What should we celebrate?

November 4th is Use Your Common Sense Day.
For the book Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, see 320.
For books about knowledge, see 001.
For different schools of philosophical thought, see the 140s.
For books about assessing intelligence, see 153.9.
For books about logic, see the 160s.

November 4th is also Unity Day in Russia.
For books about holidays in Russia, see 394.26947.
For books about the Time of Troubles in Russia, see 947.045.
For books about the early history of Poland, see 943.802.

On November 4th, 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt.
For books about King Tutankhamen, see 932.014.

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