Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19 - What should we celebrate?

November 19th is Have a Bad Day Day.
For books about natural disasters, see 363.34.
For books about emotions, see 152.4.
For books about personal improvement and analysis, see 158.1.
For the book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day," look under Viorst in the picture book section.

November 19th is also World Toilet Day.
For books about plumbing, see 696.1.
For books about water for generation of energy, see 333.914.
For books about sewage treatment and disposal, see 628.3.
For books about toilet training, see 649.62.
For books about bathrooms, see 747.78.

November is also International Men's Day.
For gender studies about men, see 305.3.
For books about men from a social perspective, see 301.411.
For psychology books about men, see 155.332.
For an explanation and/or demonstration of masculinity in its purest form, see Philip in his office and be prepared to take notes.

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