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Join us on our culinary adventure through our cookbook collection.  Our staff will post recipes reflecting various cultures and nutritional needs which will be cross-referenced to a specific cookbook and page in our collection(641.5).

Come along with us and explore the wonders of how food can open your world to lifelong happiness and good health. 



  In honor of:    

 Celebrating and promoting Veganism throughout November.

Why eat a Vegan Diet?
The ideal human diet is to consume plant based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible (whole foods).  Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains.  Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get started:
  1. Try switching to 1 plant-based meal each day.
  2. Choose 1 day a week where you omit all animal products.
  3. Try eating in 3 courses;  The 1st and largest course containing vegetables and/or fruits,  the 2nd course containing whole grains and legumes, the 3rd and smallest course containing, if your are still hungry, animal products.  By eating in courses, we start with the most nutritional foods first ending with the foods that are most harmful.

Now for some of my picks of vegan recipes to honor World Vegan Month. 

Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie Breakfast Quinoa 
     from Vegan Slow cooking for two or just for you. @ 641.5636 HEST

Deli-style Chickpea Salad
     from  Great Gluten-free Vegan Eats  @ 641.5636 K89g
Sloppy Portobellos
     from    Quick-Fix Vegan 641.5636 R651q

Chocolate Chip Cookies
     from  Main Street Vegan  @ 641.5636 M829m

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for another set of vegan recipes.
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Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie Breakfast Quinoa
Adapted from: Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for you. By Kathy Hester, 2013 pg 32  
2 cups unsweetened nondairy milk
1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Sweetener of your choice, to taste

Starting the night before, fill your slow cooker with all the ingredients except the sweetener.  Cook for 7 to 9 hours.

Add sweetener in the morning and enjoy!

Yield: 3 cups

Deli-Style Chickpea Salad
Adapted from: Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats.  By Alyson Kramer, 2012 pg 77
3 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas (if canned, drained and rinsed)
1 tablespoon rubbed sage
1 1/2 teaspoons chicken-flavored vegetable seasoning powder (optional)
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 stalks celery, thinly sliced (about 1 cup)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
1/2 cup sliced, toasted almonds

Combine the chickpeas, sage, veggie seasoning, and salt.  Using a potato masher, mash until crumbled. The size of the chickpea chunks will determine the texture of the salad,  

Stir in the celery, lemon juice, mayonnaise, brown mustard, agave, and celery salt until the salad is uniform in texture and color.  Fold in the almonds.

Use as you would chicken or tuna salad.

Note: To easily toast sliced almonds, preheat the oven to 400 F, spread the nuts in a single layer on a baking sheet, and bake for 5 minutes or until fragrant.
 Yield: 10 servings, about 1/2 cup each

Sloppy Portobellos
Adapted from: Quick-Fix Vegan. By Robin Robertson, 2011 pg 116 1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup minced onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
12 ounces portobello mushrooms, shredded or finely chopped
1 (4-ounce) can chopped green chiles, drained
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2/3 cup ketchup
2 teaspoons prepared yellow mustard
1 tablespoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon Liquid Smoke
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
4 toasted burger rolls

In a large saucepan, heat the oil adding the onion and garlic sure until softened, Stir in the mushrooms, chiles, and soy sauce and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add he ketchup, mustard, chili powder, Liquid Smoke, salt, and pepper.  Mix well, stirring in water if too thick. Simmer 5 minutes.

Serve hot on toasted burger roll.

Yields: 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Adapted from: Main Street Vegan. By Victoria Moran, 2012 pg320
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
2/3 organic canola oil
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon tapioca flour
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cups vegan chocolate chips

Set oven to 350 F. Grease 2 cookie sheets.

Mix together the first 5 ingredients using a strong fork. After two minutes of stirring it should resemble smooth caramel. (don't stop stirring to soon). Add vanilla.

Combine with caramel 1cup of flour, the baking soda and salt. Mix well. Add the rest of the flour, then fold in the chocolate chips.  The dough will be stiff so you may want to use your hands to combined the chips.

Roll 24 walnut-sized balls and flatten to 11/2 inches.  Place on baking sheet and bake for 8 to 9 minutes.  Let cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.

Yield: 2 dozen


  1. I enjoyed it! Being chocolate I would add a pinch of sea salt.

    1. I agree with you Sharon. I will try that the next time I make it. Thanks

  2. These recipes sound great, Betty! Can't wait to try them :)

  3. These look fantastic, Betty, and three of the four are gluten-free, too. Thank you for posting!

  4. Very delicious recipe Betty. Thank you for sharing!

  5. The Pumpkin Brownie breakfast was very good! I like that the chocolate didn't overpower the pumpkin taste. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yumm, this was delicious! I like the idea to add a pinch of salt. And, I love this as a healthy dessert alternative for kids--like chocolate pudding. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I plan to make this at home! I love that the quinoa has protein in it and that you can control the level of sweetness in it. There are few things as satisfying as a hot and healthy breakfast on a cold late fall morning. Thanks for sharing the recipe!