Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Winners

The Academy Awards were last night. Here's a breakdown of the winners.

"Birdman" won best picture. For books about birds of prey, see 598.9.

"The Theory of Everything" won best actor. For books about theoretical physics, see 530.1.

"Still Alice" won best actress. For books about Alzheimer's disease, see 616.831.

"Whiplash" won best supporting actor. For books about playing the drums, see 786.9.

"Boyhood" won best supporting actress. For books about adolescents, see 305.23.

"The Imitation Game" won best adapted screenplay. For books about codebreaking, see 652.8.

"Big Hero Six" won best animated feature (groan, "The Lego Movie" got robbed). For comic books, see 741.5.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" won best production design. For books about running a hotel, see 647.94.

"Selma" won best song. For books about the history of Alabama, see 976.1.

"American Sniper" won best sound editing. For books about the Iraq War (and all those various wars we keep having in that region, for some reason or other), see 956.7.

"Interstellar" won best visual effects. For books about traveling to other planets, see 629.455.

"Citizenfour" won best feature documentary. For books about criminal investigation, see 363.25.

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