Saturday, February 28, 2015

306 Display - Books on Love

The display for this month was "306 - Books on Love." I think this was an excellent idea and should be done every month.

"306" is formed of the class number "300" (social sciences) with the ending "-6" (societies). Thus, the number can mean any of the various specialized groups that exist within human society. The number is often labeled in DDC guides, as meaning "culture and institutions," or "societies in a sociological sense." Hence the number encompasses political institutions, economic institutions, sexual groups, members of a family, religious groups, and others.

The Easton Area Public Library currently has 375 books classified under 306.8 (marriage and family), which is more than the other eight subsections of 306 put together.

Most of the books used in the display were either 306.874 (parent-child relationships) or 306.7 (human sexuality).

For books about love as an emotion, see 152.41. Our library only have five books under that number, so obviously that would not make a very good display on its own. For an account of how love differs from infatuation, see Infatuation vs. Love.

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