Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29 - What should we celebrate?

October 29th is Internet Day.
For books about the networking aspects of the Internet, see 004.67.
For books about various information resources on the Internet, see 025.06.
For books about the Internet as a form of social interaction, see 302.231.
For books about the Internet as a type of telecommunications, see 384.3.
For books about website and database design, see 005.7.

October 29th is also Cat Day.
For books about taking care of cats, see 636.8.
(October 16th was Feral Cat Day, so this seems a little redundant...)

October 29th is Republic Day in Turkey.
For books about the republic as a form of government, see 321.8.
For books about the history of Turkey, see 949.6.
For books about the history of the Ottoman Empire, see 956.1.
The book Plato's Republic has nothing to do with the concept of a "republic"; the time-honored mistranslation of the title is misleading. The original title is Politea, which roughly translates to "city." For a copy of Plato's Republic, look under 321.07 or 888.4.

Halloween is drawing closer. Here is one of my favorite Halloween songs:

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