Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16 - What should we celebrate?

October 16th is Conflict Resolution Day.
For books about peaceful resolution of international conflict, see 327.172.
For books about resolution of social problems, see 303.69.
For books about the resolution of conflicts in office personnel, see 658.3145.

October 16th is also World Food Day.
For books about food culture and history, see 641.3.
For cookbooks of various cultures, see 641.59.

October 16th is also Get Smart About Credit Day.
For books about the credit system, see 332.7.
For books about personal finances, see 332.024.

October 16th is also Feral Cat Day.
For books about the biological aspects of cats, see 599.75.
For books about taking care of cats, see 636.8.

October 16th is also Steve Jobs Day (See, he has his own holiday already! And so can you!).
For books about business enterprises in the computer industry, see 338.761.
For books about computer engineering, see 621.39.
For books about computer hardware and software, see 004 and 005, respectively.

October 16th is also Boss' Day.
For books about managing your business relationships, see 650.13.

October 16th is also Department Store Day.
For books about different types of stores, see 381.1.

October 16th is also Dictionary Day.
For English Dictionaries, see 423.
For German Dictionaries, see 433.
For French Dictionaries, see 443.
For Italian Dictionaries, see 453 (are you seeing a pattern here?).
For Spanish Dictionaries, see 463.
For Latin Dictionaries, see 473.
For Greek Dictionaries, see 483.
For Russian Dictionaries, see 491.73.
For Chinese Dictionaries, see 495.13.

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