Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar Winners 2016

Here's a breakdown of the Oscars, Dewey-Style.

Spotlight won Best Picture. For books about child abuse, see 362.76.

The Revenant won Best Director. For books about survival, see 613.69.

The Big Short won Best Adapted Screenplay. For books about banks, see 332.1.

Room won Best Actress. For books about kidnapping, see 364.1536.

Spectre won Best Song. For books about espionage and subversion, see 327.12.

The Hateful Eight won Best Score. For books about Wyoming, see 978.7.

Son of Saul won Best Foreign Film. For books about fatherhood, see 306.8742.

Amy won Best Documentary. For books about singers, see 782.42.

Bridge of Spies won Best Supporting Actor. For U.S. foreign relations, see 327.73.

Inside Out won Best Animated Feature. For books about emotions, see 152.4.

Ex Machina won Best Visual Effects. For books about robots, see 629.8.

Mad Max: Fury Road won Best Production Design. For books about motor racing, see 796.72.

The Danish Girl won Best Supporting Actress. For books about transsexuals, see 306.768.

This was a very serious look at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. For a more lighthearted approach, watch this video:

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